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Plastic for Tomorrow


Emily Poertner

Tuesday night I was sitting in my room doing homework when it started to rain for the first time since school started. Which is good, we need a little rain sometimes. But I had my bike locked up outside. I rushed out of my room with my Maroon card between my teeth and fumbled with my lock in the thunderstorm to bring it inside so it wouldn’t rust. Then I hauled it up to the third floor of Chalmers—a dorm without an elevator.

Last year rain wouldn’t have bothered me, because last year there was a covered bike rack outside of Colket (which I’d like to mention they only had up for one year). Now the only covered bike rack within a reasonable distance on my side of campus is the one by Crawford which is always packed. I may just be a bitter junior, but when I came back to campus this semester all I saw was wasteful use of tuition money, a tuition I may note that went up this year.

The Commons got a new specialty coffee machine that, from what I’ve seen the past two weeks, doesn’t work just as much as the old one, and the coffee isn’t as good. The mochas (my drink of choice) don’t even taste like coffee, but just hot chocolate.

All of the printers were replaced which I’m a little split on. It’s nice to have more printers with scanners available, but that’s a huge chunk of money to replace things that were working just fine. Maybe putting one in the 24HR lab would have been fine, but the number they installed is excessive.

On the subject of the printer in the 24HR lab, it still isn’t a printer connected to the computers in the lab. This is a problem that was off and on last semester where you would occasionally have to manually enter the printer. Now every time you log on and have to print something out you have to add the printer manually. Several of the printers on campus are in “error state” when trying to print (including the 24HR lab, Bast, Life Science and some in Colket Center). It doesn’t help that the librarians never got training with the printers so they don’t know how to help students fix problems either.

When I went into the library on Tuesday to print off homework for a class, I was disgusted by the renovation. I had seen the Baby Puke Green color choice before, but being surrounded by it was terrible. In the renovation, the school has replaced all of the wooden furniture on the first floor with cheap plastic stuff. The lounge area in the back (with all the super comfy chairs) is gone.

You also may have seen Campo driving around in a flashy new Challenger this year. It doesn’t make sense to spend a student’s tuition on a muscle car when the highest speed limit on campus is 25 mph. For most areas on campus it is faster to bike or walk than to drive. Considering the major crises on campus are drunk students and stink bug invasions, the money could have gone to better use.

Bowman was torn down over the summer, which really doesn’t bother me because I live on the opposite side of campus and never have to see or hear the construction. The bad part about it is that it removed a parking lot. Off campus students have always had a hard time finding parking spots, but now for on campus students it has gotten harder to find a parking spot in general. There isn’t a parking lot even close to Chalmers for on campus students. The only people the Hawthorn parking lot is useful for are students living in CAR or New Hall, which is why the parking lot has a variety of unprintable nicknames.

I understand the need for change as a college, but the visible changes and updates I’ve seen around campus seem like the school wants to look good in pictures in a magazine with no concerns for how nice and practical it is for students. It’s not classic for tomorrow, it’s plastic.