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Women’s Soccer Pack the House


Tyler Hofmann-Reardon


This past Wednesday the Women’s Soccer team hosted Meredith College in an RC Pack the House Event. Although the house was far from packed, the girls came out hyped, ready to make a statement after their loss to top-ranked Johns Hopkins on Sunday. Three minutes into the game, the Maroons made that statement. After a beautiful cross from Courtney Yoke (30), Ashley Barnes (2) found the back of the net with a beautiful shot just past Meredith’s keeper. After Roanoke’s quick strike, the game went back and forth with both teams battling equally for field position. Despite the stall on the offensive end, the Maroons continued their stifling defense all throughout the first half, allowing only the most difficult of shots for Meredith. The end of the first period saw the score remain at 1-0 Roanoke with the Maroons taking four shots on goal, and Meredith taking five.

The second half started similarly to the first, with Lennea Kremer (14) scoring an impressive top shelf goal from 25 feet out just one minute into the half. Then, as with the first half, both offenses stalled, going back and forth across the field with no clear advantage to either side. However, about halfway through the second half, Meredith’s offense snuck through the Maroon’s defense and appeared to score with a well-placed chip shot. Yet, at the last second, Carolyn Sarbacher, in goal for the Maroons, made an incredible save diving backwards to punch the ball out of the goal. However, the relief didn’t last long because, soon after, Meredith scored their first goal of the contest on a similar chip shot, with this one just out of the Sarbacher’s reach. The score now is 2-1, with Roanoke still in the lead. The game then returned to a back and forth scramble for field position, and it appeared it would remain this way as the clock began to wind down with neither side giving up any field position. Then, just like before, Meredith managed to sneak past the Maroons otherwise stonewall defense and placed a beautiful shot just as the clock was counting the last seconds of the match. Meredith’s shot came bouncing across the goal line and was appeared to be in until Sarbacher made another miraculous save and punched the ball away as time expired in a heart-breaking loss for Meredith, but a thrilling win for the Maroons.

The Maroons, now 3-1, face off against ODAC rival Washington and Lee on September 17 at 9:00 PM. Be sure to come out and support the always entertaining Maroons as they look to continue their hot streak.