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Dating Doctor Gives Advice at Roanoke


Amanda Wolfe


Thursday, September 11, 2014, professional relationship expert David Coleman made a visit to the Roanoke College campus to give an auditorium full of students – mostly female – advice on dating, making the first move, sex, and similar subjects. With the majority of the men in the crowd shamelessly crammed into the back corners of the room, Coleman immediately engaged the audience with his wit and endless advice that the students could not seem to get enough of.

The presentation, which was the first of a series of lectures on sexual misconduct to be hosted on campus this year, was intended to be, according to Coleman, “entertaining and life changing,” and needless to say he was very successful in accomplishing both.

So what did the Dating Doctor have to say? Coleman says he prefers college audiences because they understand his advice and in turn apply it to their own lives. Here was the first and possibly most important piece of advice given that night: make your new mantra, “I would so date me.” From the start, it was clear that Coleman believes successful relationships begin with yourself. Without the self-confidence, you’ll lack the courage to pursue someone – which, of course, he had advice for too.

Knowing if someone is worth pursuing is as easy as ABCD. Are you Attracted to the person? Is there Believability – in other words, does the person seem like they’re fabricating? Do you feel Chemistry? And lastly, do you have the Desire to get to know the person more?

Overall, the presentation was well received by men and women alike. Whether laughing at Coleman’s demonstration of how to hold a woman using the microphone stand, or solemnly reflecting on a bad breakup, the audience remained continually engaged.

At the conclusion of the presentation, a handful of students bravely stood up to ask questions of their own. What do you do if you’re in love with your best friend? Can friends-with-benefits work? These are some of the questions students had and, unsurprisingly, Coleman had an answer for all of them.

If the Dating Doctor was any indication of the ways Roanoke College will continue to bring awareness of sexual misconduct on campus this year, the presentations to come are definitely going to be worth attending.