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Tips and Tricks – Wedding Planner


By Lyndee Zeller


On weekends, I flutter off to assist two wonderful wedding photographers to capture one of a couple’s most important steps in their path to a lasting relationship: the wedding day. I have been to twelve weddings in the past three months, and in that time, I have gathered insight on what can make a seemingly effortless day for all involved. I also have ventured into the bridal world of J.Crew Bridal in Georgetown, fitting brides and bridesmaids.

How can your big day be depicted on pieces of paper? This can be environmentally straining and stressful. There is some essential etiquette to remember when compiling your color themes and the vibes you want to give off for your main event. It is never too soon to start sending off your “save the date” cards. By starting early, you are giving your guests plenty of time to mark off that day on their calendars. Aim to order five months before your wedding and when you print, include your menu prints and other paper wear you might need to have it all done at one time. A cool idea for seating assignments is putting names on rocks. It works so well to paint the name and table number giving off an organic vibe, and it saves money on tree-wasting.

Let’s talk stationery. This means the invitations, menus, guest seating, and table décor. The colors and design of your invitations set the stage for your big day. It’s the first piece to the puzzle your guests will see, so it’s always exciting when we get to photograph those invitation suites on the wedding day, along with the other elements that make a wedding unique. It feels very “full circle” seeing the invitation displayed against a bridesmaid’s dress with the bride’s matching bouquet in the background. Of course, we can only photograph the stationery if we can get our hands on it – which brings me to a great suggestion: save a copy or two of all of your stationery items. Keep them safe in a folder and bring it with you to your bridal suite the morning of your wedding.

Calligraphy is a very personal touch on each invitation or display you might have at your venue space. Hiring an artist is one option to ensure an elegant taste, but it’s also very easy to add a squiggle here and a “loopdy” loop there to create a gorgeous touch to a menu sign or a table decoration. Thank you notes are also very important, to be gracious in a timely manner. They should be treated with a sense of urgency.

The anatomy of an invitation are as follows: the host line, request line, bride and groom line, date and time lines, location line, and reception and R.S.V.P. lines. An invitation should have all these bits in it, but can be arranged in any way with however many moving parts attached. Some couples add the dinner menu choices in (which will save time and paper on the day of the wedding). Check out wedding photos from the queens of wedding photography, Birds of a Feather Photos. Betty and Maggie know the ins and outs of a wedding day.