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Five Things: Steam’s Crème de la Crème


Hello, Maroons! Fez is back, with another edition of Five Things. Last time, it was NASCAR, this time it is PC gaming system Steam. Steam is where you can find a range of games, some made by big-budget studios to ones made by college students. Here are my recommendations on a few titles to try:

  1. You’re just a normal human, spending the day at the house with your wife and kids. But wait! You’re no man; you’re an OCTOPUS! And your tentacles make even the slightest tasks Herculean efforts.
  2. No Time to Explain. One day, you’re just dancing in your house, when suddenly, you from the future bursts through the wall! After declaring, “There’s no time to explain,” he’s snagged by a giant crab’s claw, forcing you to take up his laser rocket and blast your way through an adventure through time and space. Oh, and don’t worry about dying—it happens a lot.
  3. Goat Simulator. Enjoy all the thrills of being a goat: licking, head butting, climbing, jumping on trampolines and vents, Joss Whedon, fighting other goats, becoming king of all goats, human sacrifice… wait, what?
  4. Skullgirls Encore. Skullgirls appeals to two big crowds: it’s a fighting game made by fighting game enthusiasts, with all the technical stuff implied; and it’s beautifully animated with a cast of (mostly) hot women. But don’t let appearances fool you: these ladies aren’t all fan service.
  5. Five Night’s At Freddy’s. You’ve taken a night watch job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, a joint that could best be described as a cheap Chuck E. Cheese knockoff. However, you’re not fishing kids out of ballpits, you’re fending off a gang of animatronics hellbent on shoving you into a costume. Watch your cameras to make sure they’re not near.

These are just five of the literally hundreds of indie games on Steam—a crème de la crème, as it were. These are games I find dynamic, innovative, or just dang fun to play.