Dear Sue

Dear Sue,

I don’t really have such a complicated question. There’s this guy I see around all the time and I obviously think he is really attractive, so how do I get him to notice me? I am a returning student this year. Do I just wait for him, or is there some cheesy pick up line I can use that’s guaranteed to grab his attention?




Dear You (penned Me),

I think it’s great that you have found a guy that you find attractive.  However, your problem of not knowing how to approach him is a common one among young people, especially during this age of technology. What’s better than just being able to shoot a text to someone and ask if they “Want to hang?” It’s simple because we have labeled the answers of “sure” to mean they are interested, and the answer of “not now” to mean they’re not. But how do you get the number in the first place if this is a guy you just see in passing? Maybe using a pick up line isn’t the best of ideas. You said it yourself, it is cheesy, and that’s one thing you do not want to be.  Also, it might be a little creepy if he actually doesn’t know you. But he could just be waiting for you to approach him. Most men do the same thing as women when it comes to questioning “Does she or doesn’t she?” So what’s wrong with the good old fashioned way of just walking up to someone and introducing yourself? Put a smile on your face, your big girl pants on, and walk up to him. Say, “Hi! I’m Sue Z. Maroon (please say your name instead or it could get a little awkward); I’ve seen you around lately and thought I’d introduce myself!” See where that gets you. And if you just can’t do that, and this is a tad cheesy but not a complete pick up line, just use the old “Hey, don’t we have the same [insert class here] together?” There is no guarantee this guy will respond to your advances, but if you just introduce yourself and be inviting, what’s the worst that can happen?

Good luck with your endeavors,

Sue Z. Maroon