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Alpha Phi Omega Hosts Rocky Horror Picture Show


By Julie Stout


On Friday, October 24, the Brothers of Alpha Phi Omega hosted their annual showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The empty seats of Massengill began to fill at around 7:45 p.m. in anticipation for the 8 p.m. showing to begin. As students and professors alike made their way inside the auditorium, they were greeted with goodie bags filled with props to bring the movie to life; interactive showings are a major part of Rocky Horror culture. As the movie began to play, both longtime fans and those who have never seen the movie roared with laughter while they recited lines and played with noise makers along with the film. When it came time for the Time Warp, a group of eager students were ready to head up to the front and lead the dance, proving their loyalty to the cult classic. Every song was greeted with anticipation, enthusiasm, and remarkable singing from the audience.

For those who do not know, Rocky Horror Picture Show is a very unique film from 1975 that pushed the boundaries of the generation. When it was first released, it was labeled so vulgar that theatres would only show it after midnight. In this – now classic – tale, adorable couple Brad and Janet have car troubles on a rainy night which lands them at the mercy of a very mysterious house. The master of the house is none other than Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a “Sweet Transvestite”, and scientist, who creates his very own experiment-turned-lover. A creepy cast of servants, maids, and other aids help move the story along. No movie is a classic without cannibalism, not-so-subtle sexual references, and utterly taboo-type chaos – all of which describes our beloved classic, Rocky Horror Picture Show.

To go along with the zany antics in the movie, Alpha Phi Omega provided free soda and water to those who came to enjoy the movie. There were also bags of popcorn and candy for sale which included a raffle ticket for a Halloween themed basket; all the money raised is going to the West End Center, the organization’s philanthropy. At the end of the night, people eagerly grasped onto their raffle tickets as the winner was announced following the winner of a costume contest. Whether or not you liked the movie, there was no way to not have a great time.


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