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The Newest Addiction to Hit Social Media: Trivia Crack

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By Christy Blevins

Recently it seems there is always a new “best” app to get every week around social media. From Fruit Ninja (years ago), Tiny Tower, Flappy Bird, to Candy Crush, the top app in the Apple app stores/Google Play is always fluctuating. This week the top app is Trivia Crack. And to some it might even be just as addicting as crack.

The game combines the use of (useless) trivia facts, friendly competition, and colorful wins to keep players coming back. This is how it works: First you can easily sign up through your email or Facebook account and find friends. Once you get a match started with someone you get to spin the multi-categorical wheel in hopes of landing on your best category (science for me) or with the best luck you’ll land on the crown slice. The wheel picks the category you will have to answer a question from. The categories include science, art, entertainment, sports, geography, and history. Each category has their own color-coordinated quirky character and you have 30 seconds to answer each question. Once you answer three questions in a row correctly, you get the chance to earn any of the characters you select. Once you collect all six, you beat your competitor, granted they didn’t get there before you. But, beware; if you miss a question, it’s the competitor’s turn and you have to wait for them to respond.

But before you get addicted, or if you already are, here are some things to look at. First off, the trivia questions you get are user-submitted. Good for the company because that’s basically free labor for their app, but bad for the players. The difficulty level (or lack thereof) fluctuates between knowing where some obscure town is located, who designed the Minecraft poster art, to who plays Katniss Everdeen. Trivia Crack’s difficulty levels are completely random and honestly some questions make no sense grammatically. I guess that’s what we get for wanting to play the top app of the week.

Secondly, the advertising is just absurd. I understand that’s how these companies make money, but they advertise after every correct answer – and they’re full-screen videos as well.

There are, however, some solutions to these problems. You can buy the ad-free version, and you can also go into the “Question Factory” section where you can basically rate the user-submitted questions. This allows you to get all your hatred for these stupid questions out of your system by suggesting improvements, answer them, and hopefully fix some spelling errors.

So if you’re interested in just a friendly, “show-offy” game, Trivia Crack might be the app for you. If not and you just like trivia, I suggest you watch Jeopardy. Trivia Crack is available on iOS and Android systems.