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Update on Cregger Center Construction

Photo Courtesy of Brieanah Gouveia
Photo Courtesy of Brieanah Gouveia

By Emily-Sierra Poertner

Over break, construction continued on the Cregger Center. The steel skeleton started to go up, which was a dramatic change compared to the undeveloped red hillside students had grown accustomed to.

This allows a better visualization of what the building will become instead of just the idealized sketches on the school’s website. This semester, expect to see steel work continue for the building, and later in the semester, expect to see some of the exterior going up. Students living in parts of CAR, New Hall, and Sections have a wonderful view of the construction. People who don’t live on that side of campus can watch live-cams on the school website.

Thus far, construction has gone smoothly, with only minor changes in the footings for the building. The project is on budget and still expecting to open in the fall of 2016. The campaign to raise money for the Cregger Center has almost reached its goal of $30 million; there is about one million left to go and hopes of exceeding the goal. Roanoke Rising will, of course, continue after this with their eyes on redoing the science complex as well as keeping tuition affordable for students through scholarships.

The Cregger Center’s main function will be as a better, bigger athletic facility, although it will also function as a hub for student activities. With new event and social areas, the Cregger Center could become the student center that Roanoke College currently lacks. Instead of being crowded in Bast or Alumni Gym, musicians and school functions, like R-Glow and Bingo, would have a bigger space to be hosted in. There is also consideration for another dining option, though this decision has not been finalized. If it is approved, in the current plans, it would be a snack/light food option.

Three semesters from now, students will be enjoying the new building, but for the time being the construction will be an eyesore to residents and fans at sports games.