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Mu Beta Psi Hosts Open Mic Night

Photo Courtesy of Emily-Sierra Poertner
Photo Courtesy of Emily-Sierra Poertner

By Emily-Sierra Poertner


On Friday night, Mu Beta Psi hosted an open mic night. This event, sponsored by CAB, allowed students to showcase their talents on a small stage in Cavern. Three students judged the performances in different categories. Acts ranged from a cappella to stand up comedy. From start to finish Cavern was packed, topping out at around one hundred students during the night. Open Mic was Mu Beta Psi’s kick-off for their rush week.

The performances started off with three musicians playing original songs with vastly different styles. Ben Cohn played a metal song he wrote based on a video game. At the end of the song, he showed off, playing the guitar over his head. Kenny McIntyre played an alternative song and Daniel Osborne played folk music. A few musicians made multiple appearances, including Daniel and David Hall, both playing folk music. Daniel was easily a crowd winner with stories and jokes between all of his songs.

After music, poetry was the most common act. Nick Wolf was the first poet, asking the audience to snap instead of clapping. Many of the poets had a strong feminist message in their works, all of which received overwhelming applause from the audience.

There were a few acts that were very different from everyone else. Two students did a “PSA” about drunk driving, which consisted of them pretending to drive while lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” Taylor Robertson performed stand-up comedy about her experiences in middle school and now working with kids of that age. She had the entire room laughing throughout her sketch. The Improv Club followed with a few sketches of their own.

Before the judges decided on the winners of each category, Daniel and David wrapped up the night with Roanoke College student’s anthem “Wagon Wheel”. Daniel Osborne won best male vocal, and best overall. David Hall won best acoustic. Daisy Ogbonna won best written word. The best vocal female was Alexandra Schmitt, who sung a cappella. And the best original was Broghan McEnerney.