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Dear Sue: “Car Carson”



Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Dear Sue,

Over breaks I always end up as a main mean of transportation for two of my friends. One lives really close to me and the other one lives a state away but is on the way so I don’t mind driving them. The problem is, gas is expensive. I mean it fluctuates but it is costly and neither one of them split gas with me when I drive them. Is it wrong for me to ask for them to split gas, or to cover maybe the first fill up, considering they do live on the way?


Car Carson


Dear Car Carson,

Straight to the point: I don’t think it’s wrong to ask for gas money. You are providing them transportation that they otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m not saying you should demand that they pay the entire drive every time, but perhaps letting them know that you are worried about the cost of gas and your bank account will lead into asking them to cover half the trip in gas. If two people are covering half of the cost, it’s really just a quarter of the cost per person. Feel free to use that when you ask for money. Seriously though, even though they may be “on the way” you are still having to stop in a separate state, get off the highway, drive through towns, and deliver them home. Plus you driving them probably saves them from having to purchase a plane or bus ticket home.

So no, it’s not wrong to ask for a little gas money. Frankly, most people offer up money when someone drives them home, so maybe your friends just think that you don’t care. Just let them know you would like a little compensation for being their chauffeur and all will be fine.

Best of Luck,

Sue Z. Maroon