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Math Club: Pi Day

Photo Courtesy of Roanoke College
Photo Courtesy of Roanoke College

By Amanda Wright


Every year on March 14, the Roanoke College Math Club (MAA) hosts a variety of activities in celebration of Pi Day. This year’s Pi Day was particularly special because the date and time had many digits that extended into the infamous mathematical constant, 3/14/15 at 9:26:53, or rather, 3.141592653.

This year, the Math Club wanted to shake up the standard format of the activities. However, the first, and most popular activity, was the Pi-ing of a Math Department professor. Five jars, each labeled with a different Math faculty, could be found in the MCSP office and students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to drop money into the jar that corresponded with the professor they wanted to get pied. The winning professor was pied by President Maxey on the back quad, and this year’s “winner” was Dr. Chris Lee. Dr. Lee was the only faculty member to have never been pied, until this year.

Also during the Pi Day events, teams of two to four students competed in a Pi-Athlon. The Pi-Athlon consisted of a series of activities, ranging from basic math to a Sudoku puzzle to taking pictures of the Greek alphabet in creative ways. Included in the series of activities was the recitation of Pi to as many decimal places as possible. The winners for first, second, and third place were given gift cards to Mac and Bob’s whose values were approximated to a whole number times Pi. The first place winners were Taylor Ferebee, Maya Shende, Morgan Elston, and Stephanie LeFevre. Second and Third place groups respectively were Sarah Dvorack and Lauren O’Brien, and then Tyler Strouth, Kristen Norman, Caitlin Donohue, and Morgan Claybrook.

On Pi Day, members of the Math Club and faculty met at Mac and Bob’s for breakfast to be seated at 9:26:53 AM. All the money raised was donated to West End Center, but the spirit of giving did not end there. Members of the Math Club also volunteered to make pies and donate them to the Samaritan Inn and The Rescue Mission.