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Open Mic Night

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

By Erin Keating


The last Open Mic Night of the semester was held on April 2 from 9:00-11:00 p.m. and was sponsored by Mu Beta Psi. Unlike most Open Mic Nights, which are held in in the Cavern, this unique experience was held outside on the brick stage in front of the Colket Center, since the Cavern was closed for the Easter weekend.

Students from across campus gathered on the back quad with blankets, sweatshirts, and popcorn to enjoy a fun, but chilly, night of watching their peers perform original songs, covers, and spoken word. The atmosphere outdoors was a very relaxing one, without the background noise of the Cavern, and allowed students much more space to spread out and enjoy themselves. Perhaps Mu Beta Psi will consider purposefully hosting an Open Mic Night outdoors again, thanks to the success of this one.

As always, Open Mic Night is a great opportunity for Roanoke College students to showcase their talents. Ben Cohn, a Mu Beta Psi member, showed off his talent on the guitar with his original work. Entertaining the audience, Kenny McIntyre, a singer in the Roanoke College Choir, sang Katy Perry’s hit, “Thinking of You.” David Hall and Sean Ryan were among some of the other performers of the night, both performing country music covers – the genre remained popular throughout the night. In addition to music, students had a chance to perform spoken word and the Roanoke College Improv Club made an appearance, performing two comedy games for the students.

This unconventional Open Mic Night used the last minute change of venue to their advantage and created a memorable event for students and the event was even more successful than usual because of it. Both CAB’s and Mu Beta Psi’s Open Mic Nights are always very popular events and allow students from across campus to come together for an entertaining evening.