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ODAC Runners of the Week


By Tyler Hofmann-Reardon

Photo Courtesy of Maroon Athletics
Photo Courtesy of Maroon Athletics

The Maroons locked down two ODAC Runner of the Week Honors. Both Harrison Toney and Caity Ashley won their respective events at the Maroon Invitational and helped lift Roanoke to first place in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Tooney recorded an impressive time of 28:19.0 minutes in his eight kilometer event on his way to a second straight ODAC Runner of the Week award.

On the other hand, Ashley recorded 20:42.0 minutes on the five kilometer track on her way to breaking the record for the best time at the Maroon Invitational since 2011. Both Tooney and Ashley finished well ahead of the second place time as well, showing their complete dominance of the field. With wins for both teams at the Maroon Invitational, Roanoke is off to an impressive start to the season and will look to continue their strong performances when they travel for the Wingate Invitational on Saturday. Be sure to support the Maroons through the week as they get ready for their race.