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President’s Ball Goes International



The Colket Center at Roanoke College was transformed into an International Affair the night of Nov. 14 for the school’s 9th annual President’s Ball. The theme this year was “Around the World” and students, faculty, and their guests were invited to come decked out in International wear or semi-formal attire.

Starting at 8p.m., those attending the President’s Ball, commonly referred to as Pres. Ball, lined up at the front entrance of Colket Center to scan in with a Maroon Cards and sign in off-campus guests. Upon entrance, attendees were welcomed with multiple displays of International Flags and decorative lighting which transported students to places “Around the World” as the theme suggests.


This year, each room in Colket had a different designated destination for their themes. The main floor of Colket entertained students with a variety of countries. Staying true to tradition, the Dueling Pianos performed all night in Commons, yet this year, Commons was decorated to represent more than 20 of the Caribbean island countries. A backdrop of a tropical beach lined the windows on the outside of Commons. France was represented in Pickle as a French dessert room, complete with crème puffs and miniature Eiffel towers. Guests were also able to view a video of Roanoke College students’ trips abroad. To top off the international theme on the main floor, the cash bar this year was themed as an Irish Pub.


Indian decorations and activities covered the entirety of the bottom floor of Colket. In the Cavern, a club-like dance scene was set up as tradition, but this year it was Bollywood themed. Like most years, there was a DJ provided to set the party tone; however, this year it was Roanoke’s own Amber Isham, senior. This was Isham’s first time DJing at Pres. Ball. Across from The Cavern in the TV lounge, attendees had the opportunity to try on traditional Indian Sarees and Scarves. Along with this, attendees could put on bindis and temporary Flash tattoos in “Salon India.” Snack food was also available in the lower atrium.

Upstairs in the Wortman Ballroom, guests danced the night away to musical selections from the Domino’s band and enjoyed the decorations that represented China. Each table had Chinese paper fans on them as souvenirs. Guest also had the option to enjoy a buffet of food in the upper level of Colket. Selections of food represented Italy and China.

Throughout Pres. Ball, a photographer from Roanoke Times set up backdrops and took snapshots of students and guests at a “Paparazzi” station. A candid photographer also circulated Colket during the ball and took photos of students as well.

All in all, the 9th annual President’s Ball was another success for RC. Festivities closed around midnight, and all guests left in smiles and laughs with memories to last.