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Women’s Basketball Loses Two-Straight



The Women’s basketball team opened their 2015-2016 campaign with two straight losses.

The first game of the season pitted the Maroons against visiting Averett College in what would become an exciting nail-biter. The Maroons bested Averett in the first two quarters of action, scoring 19 in the first and 14 in the second to secure a 33-28 lead going into the half. Picking up where she left off last season, Roanoke’s stud Carey Beahm was all over the court in the first half, facilitating plays and scoring key buckets for the Maroons.

Unfortunately, Roanoke faltered coming out of halftime, and the team was bested 23-14 in the third period, allowing Averett to take the lead. The fourth period proved to be the most intense, as both teams engaged in a back and forth affair which culminated with a 66-66 tie with just two minutes left in the game. The two teams then exchanged clutch three pointers, bringing the crowd to its feet. Then, after a Beahm free-throw, the Maroons held a 70-69 lead and looked poised to secure a victory. However, Averett’s star player, Samm Chandler, scored three of her 31 points on the next play to retake the lead. Averett never looked back after Chandler’s bucket, and the Maroons were handed their first loss of the season by a score of 76-72.

In typical fashion, Beahm led the Maroons with 27 points and 11 rebounds for her first of many double-double efforts. Beahm was supplemented by Bridget Holleran, who racked up 18, and Jamella Foster, who notched 13. Although the Maroons shot a better percentage than Averett, they were simply unable to close the game down the stretch and failed to make some key free-throws in the loss.

Moving on to their second game of the season, the Maroons looked to top Goucher to secure their first win. The first half was a closely contested, with a number of lead changes and no clear advantage either way. However, Goucher was able to take a 31-29 lead going into halftime.

The second half started like the first, with a back and forth affair from both sides, but Goucher was able to increase their lead to five, 49-44, going into the final period of play. It was in this final quarter that the Maroons simply fell apart. After working tirelessly to stay within comeback range through three quarters, Roanoke seemed to finally run out of gas, and Goucher capitalized. Goucher managed to outscore the Maroons 29-21 in this final period because the Maroons could not seem to stop fouling, leading to 15 trips to the line for Goucher and 11 points off free-throws. The finals score saw Goucher hand the Maroons their second lost by a score of 78-65.

On the day, the Maroons shot a dismal 38% from the field. Beahm managed to have another solid game despite shooting woes, and she posted 18 points to lead the Maroons once again. Holleran tallied 13 in the loss and Ellen Wagner provided scoring off the bench with 12.

Roanoke’s next games will be part of a tournament at home in Bast Gym. Their first game is scheduled for 8:00p.m. tonight and will feature a matchup with Berry College. Be sure to come out and support the Maroons as they look for their first victory.