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RC Sorority Stereotypes

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Anyone who has gone to Roanoke College long enough has heard the phrase, “Study with an ASA, party with a DG, and marry a Chi O.” This is the base of the stereotypes that have branded the sororities on campus. Each part of this saying has deeper meanings to it, though.

Let’s start with “study with an ASA.” Having only just started a chapter here in 2002, they tend to be starting the race late when it comes to recruiting. Even before coming here, one student told me that it was known as “the leftover” sorority. Harsh. But, the sisters seem to know about this image that has been placed on them and are trying to rebrand themselves by boosting their social media.

“Party with a DG” elicits this idea of the typical party girl, which most of them don’t have an issue of being associated with, it seems. However, I can’t even begin to count how many times I have heard people say, “There’s the typical DG and then there’s the random ones you wouldn’t expect.” What does this actually mean, though? It seems like the general idea of a DG is a typically “basic”-looking young woman whose sole focus is the party scene and social climbing. Simply put, they’re just known for being generally hot. And everyone wants to party with the hottest girls.

“Marry a Chi O” is a pretty nice phrase on the surface. However, when asked around campus, often the stereotype associated with these girls is being preppy and snobbish. These are the future housewife women with Senator husbands and exclusive clubs of elites. Picture the women on any of The Real Housewives show and you’ve got the stereotypical Chi O.

Most of these stereotypes don’t sound too bad, but nevertheless, they are the negative connotations associated with a group of women. Wherever there is Greek Life, or really,  wherever human nature is involved, stereotypes will arise. People always want to slap opinions onto subcultures of people, especially ones that don’t involve themselves, in order to make some sort of class structure.

Here’s the thing, though; most of these stereotypes aren’t actually accurate. There may be one or two girls who have generated this idea for an entire group. ASA has some of the prettiest and sweetest sisters I’ve ever met, there are DGs at this school that I’m sure are going to change the world, and there are Chi Omegas who have a heart of gold.

It just takes a person giving the time and effort to actually get to know the sisterhood individually. If someone is afraid of rushing because of the stereotypes associated with it, then maybe it is time to consider forging a new path. It can be so easy to fall into the crowd and follow the opinions of others. Be your own person and put in the work to make your own opinion. Otherwise, you could end up forming the wrong ideas and miss out on getting to know some truly amazing women.

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