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Fraternity Recruitment at Roanoke


greek copy BWWith the infamous Boys’ Bids Day right around the corner, Roanoke College’s fraternities find themselves in the midst of their recruitment process. Unlike the sorority recruitment process, which is riddled with rules and regulations, fraternity rush is much more…chill.

Fraternities hold what are referred to as round robins and smokers, where all interested potential new members are essentially invited to hang out. These descriptions are quite vague, but that is partially due to the unique dynamics of each fraternity, and therefore the differing activities that fall under the umbrella terms for these events. All in all, however, for all the fraternities the process is about finding where you fit in best and finding the people you connect with, while smoking cigars of course.

But what happens after you get a bid?

The fraternity-pledging period is mysterious to anyone outside of the circle and therefore brings about a natural curiosity from non-Greeks and other Greeks alike. Traditions can be weird and unusual, but also (unexpectedly) meaningful and endearing; sealing in the feeling of community and brotherhood for all those involved.

For example, voting on new members for the brothers of Kappa Alpha Order is nothing to be take lightly. In being an Order and not a fraternity, each current brother must give a potential new member a vote of “yes” for that potential to be given a bid. That is a lot of people from whom you need approval!

Each fraternity supports a charity that all brothers raise money for throughout the year, in addition to their philanthropy week during the fall or spring semester, when extra emphasis is put on raising funds around campus. Often, this is worked into the recruitment process, as it is important for new members to know what their new organization is involved with.

Gasp. You mean being in a frat isn’t all about drinking and getting girls?!

On the contrary to what popular media displays, there’s actually much more to Greek life than most people believe!

Fraternity Philanthropy at Roanoke College

Kappa Alpha Order – Muscular Dystrophy Association

Pi Kappa Alpha – Ronald McDonald House

Pi Kappa Phi – The Ability Experience

Pi Lambda Phi – Elimination of Prejudice

Philanthropy is just a small chunk of the joy that joining Greek life can bring to anyone’s college experience! Pledging is unique to each person and there’s only one-way to find out, pledge!