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I Would Have Preferred a Superb-Owl


By Mikaela Wall


The highly anticipated Super Bowl 50 was played out this past Sunday in the Bay Area of San Francisco. This Super Bowl was one of the more boring games simply because of the Panthers lack of performance and the anticlimactic halftime show.

First, lets get into the game. I love football, but I don’t quite understand it inside and out, so excuse my general terminology and underdeveloped knowledge of the game.

I think most everyone in America thought the Carolina Panthers would win. Cam Newton carried the team to the Super Bowl with an incredible 15-1 record. I knew basically nothing about the Panthers until they were neck and neck with the Patriots for the best record this year.

So, the Panthers arrive at the Super Bowl up against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Everyone knew the Broncos defense was not to reckon with but since the Panthers had an unbelievable season, their defense wasn’t seen as a credible threat.

The whole game was outrageously boring. The Panthers kept dropping balls and there were rarely any complete passes. Their offense couldn’t keep a consistent rhythm and since Denver’s defense was so strong, the Panthers couldn’t limit turnovers. A big controversy from the game was Cam Newton not jumping on the ball when it was loose. He appeared to take a step back while looking at the ball.

Some argue he made the conscious decision to not jump onto it because of injury, and others say his instincts were just wrong. If he got the ball, Denver wouldn’t of gotten possession and the Panthers might of still had a chance of winning.

That was the only part of the game that stood out to me, other than that it was difficult to watch just because there were no big plays. Defense wins games and that is why the Broncos have another Super Bowl under their belt.

I cannot speak much about the game because nothing major happened so let’s get into some more interesting aspects of the Super Bowl for all the non-football people reading this: the halftime show.

This show was highly anticipated simply because of the big names that would be performing on stage. Coldplay was the main act, with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars who were intended to have smaller performances. However, the show could not of been more opposite.

Coldplay barely sang and focused most of his performance on spreading love and positivity. I understand his motivation for wanting to spread this message (after all, 100 million people were watching), but the Super Bowl halftime was not the place to do it.

The audience wants to get pumped up and excited and Coldplay simply did not perform as well as people hoped. Beyoncé and Bruno were a different story. Beyoncé straight killed the halftime show. She dropped a new song and world tour that took America by storm.

The song had an unbelievable beat to it and it was an all around great performance by Beyoncé, per usual. As much as I dislike Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk is so catchy; it was the perfect song for this type of show. As a performer, you want to give the people what they want by keeping it simple and enjoyable, Bruno did just that. It got people back on their toes again and made up for the lack of spunk and thrill Coldplay brought to the stage.

Finally, Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset with another Lombardi Trophy and a second ring on his finger. Manning has not officially announced his retirement but everyone already knows they will not be seeing him on the field again. The man is 39 years old; he simply cannot still play football and be as good as he used to be.

He has set record upon record, and will be remembered forever. His career might be over but his legacy will live on, and that is coming from a die hard Brady fan.

So, there you have it folks, Super Bowl 50 is down in the books as one of the worst Super Bowls (entertainment wise), but Manning finally getting to put another ring on his finger makes up for the terrible performance on and off the field. Only one year until Super Bowl 51, hopefully it will be better than the last.