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New Hampshire Primary Results


Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders have cruised to stunning victories in the New Hampshire primary, CNN projects, in results that will rock the establishments of both parties and confirm the strength of outsider candidates in a wild presidential race.

The New Hampshire primary and the Iowa Caucus are important because they play a major part in choosing who will be elected for the Republican and Democratic Presidential Nominees. Although the winners of these two states do not determine presidential nominees, the media attention it receives leads the general public to believe it does.

Last night, New Hampshire voted in their primary election and the results were pretty astonishing. Donald Trump won the Republican nomination by 35.3% over the top four Republicans. Kasich got 15.8% vote, Cruz with 11.7%, Bush 11.0% and Rubio with a surprisingly low 10.6%.

For the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders won with 60.4% over his competitor Hillary Clinton who received only 38.0% of the votes. In order to understand what these numbers mean, we have to analyze each major candidate to see why the people of New Hampshire chose to vote for whom they did.

Donald Trump is a wild card in this election. He is an outspoken, radical, businessman with no prior political experience. He formally announced his candidacy for president on June 16th, 2015 at Trump Tower in New York City.

He is infamous for his disregard of politically correctness and saying what everyone else is thinking. Aside from his blunt attitude during debates, he has extremely profound views when it comes to running a country. He wants to define borders between the United States and Mexico because he believes Mexicans are “bringing crime, drugs, and… are rapists.”

When asked about ISIS and terrorism threats, Trump replied with a solution that calls for a “complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on”.

Aside from foreign relations, Trump is pro-life and against gun control, like most republican candidates. He also says if he is elected president he would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a free market plan, which would allow for a set agreement between patients and healthcare providers.

In addition, Trump is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, he is in support of tradition marriage, and he referred to global warming as a “total hoax”. Trump does not have many plans for the country, unlike most candidates, but his tendency to speak on any topic with no filter is very appealing to American citizens, specifically the people of New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders won the primary election in New Hampshire by 60.4% over Hillary Clinton. Sanders is a senator from Vermont who is a self described Socialist, but is running for the Democratic Party. He is a radical candidate when it comes to handling the economy and individual wealth of American citizens. Sanders is a big supporter for wealth and income equality, as well as raising the minimum wage, universal healthcare, and “reducing the burden of student debt”.

He is very appealing to young voters, because most college and postgraduate students are struggling with student loans, and not having to pay back as many loans as they normally would is very appealing.

In addition, he greatly supports more vacation time and parental leave for workers. These plans are all nice in theory, but it leads to a certain demographic to be taxed heavily in order to pay for all the plans he has set in place.

Most of Sanders aspirations for the country would only happen due to the expense of other citizens. Aside from Sanders’ profound fiscal positions, he is in support of gay marriage, LGBT rights, abortion, and is opposed to the defunding of Planned Parenthood, which is similar to most democrats. He also believes we need to be “tough, not stupid” with the war against ISIS.

Sanders and Trump won by a lot in comparison to their competitors, which goes to show people in New Hampshire are relatively radical whether its left or right wing. The United States of America is not in a place where we can have a radical left or right winged President. We need someone relatively moderate, but unfortunately, being moderate does not get votes.

The New Hampshire Primary is typically a good indication of the potential Republican and Democratic candidates, and if the election is anything like what happened in New Hampshire, we should all move to Canada; who’s in?