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Since June 2014, a social content platform has been taking colleges by storm. This new source of media, known as the Odyssey, was started at Indiana University by two students named Evan Burns and Adrian France. When Burns and France began this exciting venture to allow students the chance to voice their opinions, the two never imagined that the Odyssey would soon find its way onto 400+ campuses with over 6,000 writers.

In November of 2015, the Odyssey appeared at Roanoke College. One day while scrolling through e-mails, Mariah Lang noticed an e-mail asking if she wanted to improve her skills as a writer and get more experience. Interested in the chance to become a better writer, Lang responded to the e-mail and made a phone call thus leading to the beginning of the Roanoke College edition of the Odyssey.

Initially, the RC Odyssey only had six writers with Lang being a writer as well as Editor-In-Chief. Within the last few months, the number of writers has increased by fourteen. Every week these twenty writers publish twelve articles that range from current events and politics, all the way to relationship advice and how to survive finals week. Each writer is allowed to pick any topic to write about, and does not necessarily have to be an English major.

Writers can also do collaborations with friends or other writers. This wiggle room allows writers to create articles that are more creative and passionate than something you may find in some random magazine or newspaper.

Roughly 87% of the readers see the articles because someone they know shared it on Facebook. To motivate their writers, the Odyssey gives money to the writer whose article is shared the most for that particular week.  Not only do writers have a chance to express themselves and grow, the Odyssey provides opportunities for writers to advance within the company and make a little extra money.

Lang is always looking for new RC Odyssey writers and one day hopes to have 50 writers and increase the views per week from 2,000 to 100,000. If you are interested in writing for the Odyssey, you can apply at https://theodysseyonline.com/apply and email mmlang@mail.roanoke.edu with any questions.