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77th Annual Lunar New Year Celebration


By Kaitlyn Paiton

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images


The 77th annual Lunar New Year Celebration took place this past Thursday in the ballroom at Roanoke College. The Lunar New Year is one of the largest celebrations in China and is what is marked as the date of the end of the year.

At the celebration RC students Sumi Yi, Patrick Dowling, and Angela Chen spoke of their experience abroad. Sumi was the first to speak, where she shared of her experience studying abroad in China for the summer. Sumi explained how this opportunity helped her to become fully emerged in the culture which she holds so closely to her heart. Along with this, she also explained how she was able to see the other half of her family who resides in China.

Patrick Dowling was second to speak and spoke about his opportunity teaching English as a second language in China. He was given the chance to stay with a host family whom he developed a close relationship with. This experience gave him the chance to leave a lasting impression on the children whom he taught English to as well as his host family.

Angela Chen was the last to speak of her experience abroad in which she talked about the large beautiful campus she attended. She spoke of the rich collectivistic culture of China and how this was shown on the campus she was at. Once the speakers were done discussing their experience with this country, the last event of the celebration took place in which a beautiful song and a fan dance then took place. The song and dance were ones particularly special to the Chinese culture.

The celebration was to no disappointment to the large room full of people who attended this event. The festival started off with some casual socializing and people indulging from the large array of food which was lined up on the tables. The food being served was traditional Chinese food such as rice, dumplings, and teriyaki chicken. Along with this, the tables were set up with many items special to the Chinese culture such as fortune cookies, fortune tellers, and other nik-naks.

The celebration truly portrayed just how beautiful the culture of China really is.

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