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Bookstore: Love it, Hate it


I love hard copy books and I am a strong advocate for the old-fashioned bookstores experienced in person as opposed to online. So you can imagine my dismay when I walked into the bookstore at the start of this semester hoping to purchase the books I needed first for my classes right there, in person, on the first day.

Photo Courtesy of www.colbycc.edu
Photo Courtesy of www.colbycc.edu


Bummer. Nothing. No books. Nothing in hard copy. Everything had to be ordered online. It was basically Amazon but without the good, college student budget prices. And you had to wait for the email telling you that your books were in.

I was not a fan. I only got an email once but found out later that all my other books had already been delivered. I ordered the books with one-day delivery and all of them came at least three days later. Not ideal when you have assignments due and tests coming up.

Even more frustrating, Amazon was slower than molasses this semester. I ordered all my books the first week of classes with one-day shipping, and surprise…they are still being delivered even now.

We’re six weeks into the semester and I still don’t have all of my books on my shelf. Without the back-up of the bookstore on campus for the times that Amazon, mail, and snow days get in the way, the start to this semester was rocky at best.

Now, back to the college student budget. We’re generally broke when it comes to spending the amount of money it takes to buy all of our books at one time. Our savings are not that deep yet.

Yet we were expected to buy hundreds of dollars worth of books at one time even though most of us do not need the majority of them. I know that I use most of my books for definitions when it comes time to study and do not open them before. Of course it was the books I actually needed to read that are still not in.

But, back to the actual books we’re required to get. Why is it that when professors have us order a book they authored, even though we seldom ever get around to reading it?

So basically, not only are we paying them to teach us in class but we are also padding their pocket a bit extra for something we will not read and will not need for class. They wrote the book so they will lecture the way they wrote.

I wish the bookstore could go back to its old ways. It was so much more convenient.