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Dear Sue: Internships


Dear Sue,

I want to get an internship or a job this summer. I work at Five Guys while I’m home and it’s not a bad job, but I’m tired of smelling like burgers after each shift. How can I find a cool internship or job for the summer?


Your Fellow Maroon

Photo Courtesy of The Geordie Traveller
Photo Courtesy of The Geordie Traveller


Dear Fellow Maroon,

There are so many cool things out there waiting for you! The only hard part is finding them. To start, make sure that you have an updated resume. You’ll want to include any job or internship experience that you have, volunteer work, and clubs and organizations you’re involved with.

Many different websites can help you make a resume for your time at college, but for more personalized help, you can go to Career Services and meet with someone who will help you make a fantastic resume. Their offices are in the Fowler House, which is the small tudor house to the right of Fintel. Career Services can also help you with LinkedIn and show you different ways to search for people, jobs, and internships. But now that we have that out of the way, it’s time to start the actual job search.

There are many job-searching engines out there, but to find the best jobs, I’m afraid you’ll have to search by hand. First, figure out one or two general areas you’re interested in. Search for companies and organizations near your house (or wherever you can secure housing) and look on their websites for job and internship opportunities. Usually, if you scroll to the bottom of their page, a link will say “Careers.” That link will become your new best friend.

If you like kids, another option is working at an overnight summer camp. Typically, these camps will provide camp counselors with housing and food accommodations. You can use the same strategy I mentioned before, but for camps you’ll want to pretend that you’re a camper and search for something like “overnight soccer camp,” or “overnight art camp,” and then on their website, search for an employment link. It’s there somewhere; you just have to look hard enough. If it’s actually not there, however, you can always call and inquire about employment opportunities.

Searching on your own will help you out tremendously, but something that is frequently underrated is the power of talking to people. If you mention to your professors, advisers, or even friends, they might know of a job or internship that would be perfect for you. They may know a guy, who knows a guy’s sister, who knows her boss’s niece’s ex-boyfriend, who has exactly what you’re looking for. It’s all about asking around.

Good luck,

Sue Z. Maroon