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GSS Rush Week


By Kaitlyn Paiton


Gamma Sigma Sigma’s rush week took place this past week. Gamma Sigma Sigma is a unique service sorority on Roanoke College’s campus that is welcoming to all nationalities and creeds with a main mission to gather people together in the spirit of helping others. This rush week consisted of fun events Monday through Friday and ended with the induction ceremony held in the chapel on Saturday.

Rush week for GSS is similar to other sororities in that it is a time where those interested can have the opportunity to learn more about the sorority and its values, ultimately becoming a member. With a large pledge class of about 40 women and men last semester, there was a lot of optimism among current members about spring rush week. The week began with an event on Monday where those interested in the sorority had the opportunity to meet the members of Gamma Sigma. This was more of an informative event where the history and values of the sorority were discussed.

The events that took place throughout the week thereafter consisted of cookie decorating in Cavern on Tuesday, a game night in Pickle on Wednesday, and a movie night in Massengill on Friday.  These events allowed those individuals interested in the sorority the opportunity to get to know many of the members and learn more about the sorority in a fun and relaxed environment. A total of 19 individuals rushed Gamma Sigma Sigma.

The rush week came to a close on Saturday where those who attended the events were a part of the induction ceremony. This was held in the chapel and consisted of the interested potential new members arriving in all white with the current sorority members dressed in all black. Once the 19 new members were called up to the podium at the Chapel, they each individually received a white rose, which is a symbol of the flower of the sorority. This induction ceremony marked the first step towards the new members becoming full sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma. Once they have all completed their 10 service hours as members-in-training, they will then attend an activation ceremony where the will be activated as Gamma Sigma Sigma full members.