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Let’s Get Roanoke Rowdy this Spring Break



Spring break: the highlight of the college student’s year. For Roanoke College students, our Spring Break is in less than a month. However, not all of us are the best at planning trips in advance, so let’s take a look at some Spring Break 2016 ideas.

If you want to stay in the “Rowdy Roanoke” state of mind while you vacation for a week some of the more traditional spring break destinations may be right up your memory-making ally.

Let’s examine:

PCB: Panama City Beach. The spring break vacay destination. According to TSM (Total Sorority Move) and TFM (Total Frat Move) it should be especially wild this year.

Miami: If you want to go to another country, but can’t afford it ,then this is the place for you. Miami basically feels like you’re in a tropical country far, far away from not-so-sunny Salem. The food is amazing, the drinks are delicious, and with US and Cuba relations improving, it’ll be like a taste of next year’s spring break.

Myrtle Beach: If you want to stay a bit closer, and are sure you don’t want to book a flight then this could be the location you want. It may still be a bit chilly but the amazing drinks specials are sure to help keep you warm enough to hang on the beach during the day and make the rounds all night long.

New Orleans: I know we missed Mardi Gras this year, but that doesn’t mean this destination should be overlooked. Guaranteed to have warm weather, this place can party like no other. Between the hauntings the hoopla you’ll never top a Cajun spring break.

Some of us would rather have a more classy and cultural break, to change up the scene from our typical Roanoke week of basement parties, Wing Night, and showing up drunk to class. If you’re more inclined for some cultural expansion check out some of these places:

Nashville: The country music center of the world. Since it is in driving distance, you’ll save money on a plane ticket. You’ll get the best Southern Comfort food and can sample all the Whiskey your heart desires. Not to mention you’ll probably come back with a few new band names up your sleeve.

Savannah: A classic city with great shopping and amazing restaurants. If you’re a girl, you’ll certainly have hot, professional men buying you drinks here. Bonus: Tybee Island is right off the coast for your added beach days and tanning if the weather allows.

Charleston: While away, you may as well party with the College of Charleston. You can choose from college parties, bars, the beach, and a great downtown. Your imagination is your only limit here.

Now let’s widen our lenses and take a look outside of the continental United States. Cabo, Mexico: the “white girl” spring break. The place to go if you want tequila down your throat and a tan so good it’ll last until Alumni Weekend. It, like Cancun, will also be the destination for the best and worst decisions you will ever make.

Cancun: This is the destination to make the most memories you’ll never remember. Like Cabo you’ll have a lifetime’s fill of tequila and taquitos. If you’ve ever wanted to try something, other than your hand in a wet t-shirt contest, this is the place for you.

Tijuana: If you’re goal is to end up on Girl’s Gone Wild, or still wish you could be Naomi from 90210. Be careful of roofies on this one, ladies especially.

If you haven’t gotten enough of the snow here are a couple of cooler options:

Colorado: Great location for all those marijuana lovers out there. You can keep your high state of mind at the high altitudes you’ll reach while skiing and snowboarding.                 Canada: Where there are winter music festivals and legal drinking at 18 in most areas. The perfect place for the cold-blooded under 21 Hot Tub Time Machine wanna-be’s.