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Destination Review: Chocolatepaper Gift Shop in Downtown Roanoke


cpboutique600-300x233A trip to Chocolatepaper is an experience that could brighten up anyone’s day. Chocolate and paper may seem like an unlikely combination, but they come together in a delightful and whimsical little store that one could spend an entire day exploring.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Roanoke, just down the street from Market in the Square, Chocolatepaper is a specialty gift and fine candy store that stocks everything from novelty gifts, to paper, to candies, and, most importantly, some especially decadent chocolate truffles.

Open seven days a week, Chocolatepaper boasts “offering over 50 best selling chocolates and truffles, 400 greeting card options, and exclusive Roanoke gifts.” In addition, the boutique also caters to tasting room needs, weddings, gift baskets, and more.

Walking into the store, one is immediately struck by the displays, sometimes color-coordinated, sometimes themed, and always beautiful. There are racks of greeting cards ranging from the colorful and witty, to the thoughtful and somber, truly guaranteeing something for everyone.

The store also stocks beautiful rolls of paper to be purchased, as well as stationery sets, gift wrapping, and other paper goods that are not only delightfully fun, but reasonably priced.

Wandering further into the store, one is struck by the elegant and diverse display of candy in the center cases with an overwhelming amount of different chocolate truffles, a sampling of gourmet candies, and other confectionary delights.

A local touch of Roanoke-themed goodies are stocked as well such as chocolate Roanoke Stars, local post cards, Roanoke mugs, and other novelties.

Unable to resist, I sampled several of the truffles, including Tiramisu, Sea Salt Caramel, Cappuccino, and Espresso. Each truffle was decadent and beautiful, with a perfectly delicious outer shell and a smooth, rich filling. Even better, each shell was decorated differently and made the loveliest display inside the box.

If you ever need a birthday gift, a midweek pick-me-up, or if you just want to immerse yourself in a wonderland of whimsy and fun, be sure to take a trip to Chocolatepaper.