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Greek Column: Lip Syncs


By Vicki Daguerre-Bradford

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images


Lip syncs are a time-honored tradition in Greek Life at colleges across the nation. Generally, these displays of talent are part of an organization’s philanthropy week or an event during “Greek Week.” They serve as a competition and usually the winning organization gets a certain amount of points towards the week.

However, competition can be stiff so it should be noted, and at least slightly admired, that performers and choreographers put a fairly significant amount of time into creating these dances. Rules and regulations are put into place on what type of dance moves and music can be used. These restrictions can severely limit the options allotted for originality.

The hours of rehearsal are often late at night, after classes and homework are finished. It is a feat that those participating are able to keep their energy long enough to practice dancing into the early morning in a dingy basement every evening for a week.

For those of you who have never participated in such an event, it takes a lot of gall to stand up in front of your entire social circle and have your dancing ability judged by recently graduated peers.

Not only will everyone in the audience have a memory of your performance, each lip sync team is certain to have at least one recording of their turn. The songs you sing and the choreography you dance will follow you, so you’d better make it something you’re proud of.

If you have never taken the time to attend a lip sync, you should promptly add it to your Roanoke College Bucket List. It is something that is particular to college so these four years may be your only opportunity to behold such grand, raw talent in person. Sign up for the next one if you want to participate.

You will not regret the experience, and it will bring you closer to the organization whose week you are participating in. You would be surprised at the little things you can learn about your fellow dancers by spending this much unedited time together.

Yet even though they are fun, lip syncs can also be a source of controversy. There seems to be a double standard between what fraternity groups are allowed to do on stage and what sorority groups are allowed to do. These discrepancies come from the nationals and from the school. Certain dance moves are permitted for the men but are deemed as too risqué for the women to do on stage. Certain songs have been allowed for men but have been deemed as inappropriate for women. These double standards take away from the lighthearted fun that lip syncs, and other Greek events are supposed to be.

Despite the political element within lip syncs, as in most events, they are often a once in a lifetime experience. It is only at these events that you will see your peers pretend to be celebrities or channel their inner Beyoncé. So when the next one comes around, go to it, participate in it, and be sure to take in all of the talent you never knew your friends possessed.