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RC Earth Week a Success

Photo Courtesy of Roanoke College Garden
Photo Courtesy of Roanoke College Garden


This past week, Roanoke College’s environmental clubs teamed up to put on fun and educational events for RC Earth week. The organizations that teamed up include, Earthbound, Biology Club, RC Divest, the RC Garden, Bee Keeping Society, and RC Electric.

Painted windows in Commons have been advertising the different organizations all week since March 3, and still continue to bring awareness after the end of Earth Week. Each day of the week from Saturday to Thursday, March 24, one of the organizations sponsored an event. Unfortunately weather postponed Earth week’s kickoff event on Saturday so the official start of events was not until Sunday.

Earthbound and the Biology Club sponsored a bonfire on Sutton terrace and a sunset hike at Carvins Cove on Sunday for the kick off. The hike showed a great turnout as students gathered together at 5:30pm to take a hike and enjoy nature that evening.

Later that evening when students had time to regroup from the hike, Earthbound sponsored a bonfire event including s’mores and handing out free cups. The bonfire brought out a lot of students, some in the clubs, and some passersby leaving Cavern. Earthbound has hosted several other bonfire events this year, and they always bring people out and spread awareness for environmental issues.

RC Divest hosted a petition drive in Colket Atrium in the afternoon and evening of Monday. Students sat at a table in the atrium and attempted to gather as many signatures as possible to bring awareness of the use of fossil fuels on campus.

The purpose of this divestment petition is to bring attention to the overuse of fossil fuels and to help bring awareness to that fact in order to jump-start a reduction of fossil fuels on campus. By the afternoon, students had already filled one page of signatures for the petition and more followed.

The RC Garden organization hosted several events on Tuesday as well. They started out by setting up a yoga session with a student in the RC Garden around noon. This session was aimed at not only being a relaxation session for students, but also getting them closer to nature and enjoying the RC Garden.

Later that evening RC Garden sponsored a lecture on Garden Basics in Massengill. This lecture was given by a member of the Roanoke Community Garden Association and covered not only gardening basics, but also the value of community gardens.

Another big event for Earth Week was the lecture sponsored by the Bee Keeping Society on Wednesday. At 5 pm in Fintel Library a local beekeeper, Bill Dwyer, came and spoke to students about his beekeeping and the importance of beekeeping and bee populations. Dwyer is part of the Blue Ridge Bee Keepers and has worked to raise awareness about the importance of beekeeping.

In 2015 he had more than 80,000 honey bees in his colonies in his backyard. He has been beekeeping for several years and gave a great lecture to the students in attendance. Following his lecture, students were invited to go to Massengill for a screening of “This is America” sponsored by the Biology Club.

RC Electric rounded out Earth Week at RC with a slideshow presented during lunch hours on Thursday in Colket Atrium. They presented a slideshow containing photos and information about RC Electric and what they do.

The coalition of environmental clubs at RC has worked hard this year to bring more awareness to campus about environmental issues. They have increased appearance on campus by joining together for events such as Earth Week. Be sure to check out each organization’s OrgSync or Facebook page for more information.