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Upcoming Alumni Weekend



Photo Courtesy of the roanoke college blog

Alumni Weekend is a tradition that has occurred annually at Roanoke College for many years. This is a weekend where all who have graduated can come back to the campus and relive their college days for one more weekend.

Each year there are hundreds of alumni who flood the campus, returning to their old stomping grounds, and this year will be no different. Whether they graduated in 1958 or 2015, RC alumni flock back to their alma mater and reminisce about the past.

An aspect that makes alumni weekend so special to students is getting to speak to students who have gone before them. Often, the Greek organizations on campus hold events for their returning alumni, and the students get to hear stories from long before they were born.

There are always interesting stories to be told at alumni weekend with many old friends coming together. Recent graduate, Christine Winder (’15), is excited to recount them. Winder’s favorite story from alumni weekend as a student is seeing an older friend show up for the weekend with only a phone charger and one pair of shorts in her luggage for the weekend. Stories such as this one are what students get to look forward to each year and give them something to smile about even after the alumni have left. This will be Winder’s first year as an alum, and she couldn’t be more excited to take part in the tradition.

“This is the time of year the college really seems to come alive, and this weekend is the pinnacle of that,” said Winder, “To me, alumni weekend encapsulates what Roanoke College meant to me- a place that felt like home with fellow students who felt like family, all having a little too much fun and making the most of life.”

The campus does a lot of work in preparation for this weekend as evidenced by the crews hard at work during the week prior. Past and current students can look forward to returning to RC made to look its finest for them.

Graduate Elise Bennet (’99) works in admissions at the school and attends alumni weekend almost every year. It is something she looks forward to each spring and can brag about when going to admissions events.

“The outside beauty of our campus is on full display at the lacrosse games as well as the social and tight-knit nature of our campus community,” said Bennet, “That is the part that I love the most – feeling connected to our beautiful campus, our competitive sports’ teams, and the people that love this place as much as I do!”

This year, students can look forward to events across campus that range from The Society of 1842 luncheon, to the Friday on the Quad meal, and even to an alumni picnic on Saturday. The full schedule of events is online for students and returning graduates and is full of fun events for all.