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Tasting Georgetown Cupcakes



Article and Photo by Christy Blevins

‘Georgetown Cupcake. Sound familiar? If not then maybe the older TLC reality baking show DC Cupcakes does? Well if not, still keep reading because who doesn’t want to read about delicious cupcakes and my adventure there?

This past weekend I traveled to Washington D.C. with a group of students on an educational trip. While there, we were given a free afternoon to do what we wanted. So of course I jumped at the chance to travel to the famous cupcake shop Georgetown Cupcake featured in the TLC show DC Cupcakes, which I may or may not have watched almost every season of.

Getting on the bus to Georgetown was a piece of (cup)cake, but the anticipation was difficult to handle. Online, everyone likes to gush over how amazing and nicely decorated they are, but a few people I know who live in the area told me the cupcakes were “overrated.” So, I was about to find out.

Walking down M Street it is easy to get distracted and turn into shops and delay your cupcake eating, but not today. We were on a mission to find these cupcakes and try them for ourselves. Sitting at the corner of 33rd Street, sits a cute, modern, all white cupcake shop with black awnings – and a line of customers out the door and up the sidewalk to the next building of course.

The line didn’t stop me. In fact, although I’m sure this is not true for most days, the line moved much faster than I expected. I expected to wait in line for 30 minutes before reaching door. Fortunately, I only stayed in line outside for about 10-15 minutes before getting to squeeze in the door and stare at the cupcake display.  A 10 minute wait is not bad at all for a cupcake from a shop you’ve been dreaming about for a while now.

Inside, you are greeted with a cupcake flavor menu, displaying all the cupcakes they have that day (it’s a lot by the way). They ranged from regular chocolate to peanut butter fudge to a St. Patrick’s Day flavor and even a special Cherry Blossom flavor in honor of D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival.

One cupcake is about $3.75 so instead we went for a full half dozen for $18 even because why not? Choosing a flavor was hard but not impossible. I had my mind set on their Chocolate Ganache cupcake before entering but once I passed the displayed cupcakes my heart settled on a Saturday special flavor: Coconut. It looked like a fluffy cloud sitting on the cupcake stand and who would turn that down?

We ended up with a half dozen cupcakes that included Chocolate Mint, Coconut, Peanut Butter Fudge, Key Lime, Lava Fudge, and of course a Cherry Blossom. And they were delicious. I would wait in that line for 30 more minutes to get one of these cupcakes hands down, maybe not in the pouring rain, but definitely in a drizzle.

The cake part of the cupcakes (at least the two I tasted: coconut and cherry blossom) was light and airy. It didn’t stick like dense cake or feel like you were eating straight up cake with no flavor. They were simple, yet delicious. Not to mention the icing. They didn’t top the cupcakes with a three inch high swirl of icing like most cupcake shops now a days which was amazing. I hate a pile of thick colored icing on cupcakes. This icing was light, full of flavor, and very creamy. I expected a thick icing that I wouldn’t like but, from what I could tell, all of the cupcakes had this same style of light, creamy, and delectable icing.

So it was definitely worth the wait, the bus drive, and the $5 I spent splitting a half dozen with my friends (plus the bus ride). The cupcakes were not “overrated” at all. But maybe I’m biased because I was excited to experience what I saw on TV, however I’m not actually that big of a cake fan (you couldn’t tell, I know), so when I eat an entire cupcake in one sitting and then a quarter of one a day later (which was not even stale!) then they must be good.

If you are in the D.C. area, take a bus for the 15-20 minute ride and go visit Georgetown. There are lots of shops and restaurants to choose from, in addition to DC Cupcakes.