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Women’s Lacrosse Triumph


Women’s lacrosse had a strong second half to dominate the Shenandoah Hornets on Saturday 16-5. Many students and alumni came out, making this one of the most wellattended games this semester with over 500 attendants.

Shenandoah came into this game with a record of 2-9, 0-3 in ODAC, which landed them second to last in the division. Roanoke’s record of 4-7, 2-2 in ODAC wasn’t that much more impressive, but the game seemed like it would be an easy win for the Maroons.

However, in the first half, the Hornets held their own. Courtney McCartin scored the first goal of the game for the Maroons within the first minute of play. The two teams traded goals and were tied 3-3 midway through the half.

Roanoke then went on a short scoring run to go up three points over the Hornets. Catherine Pace, Katie Clements, and Claire Feeney each scored a goal for the Maroons during the run. Shenandoah was able to score once more before the end of the half, giving the Maroons a narrow 6-4 lead.

It seemed like the Hornets were going to be a fair match for Roanoke. As the second half opened, it was clear that that wasn’t the case. The Maroons scored five unanswered points in the first eleven minutes of play. In this run, Feeney had two goals, and there were one each from McCartin, Jenn Schwechheimer, and Julia Galanto.

After a yellow card was pulled on Reed Walter, Shenandoah was given a man-up opportunity and able to score. This was their only goal in the second half.

The Maroons finished the game by adding five more points to their lead with two from Nicole Zelnik and one from each Allison Beames, Feeney, and Schwechheimer. In the end, the Maroons walked away with an 11 point lead over the Hornets.

In the first half of the game, Roanoke and Shenandoah had roughly the same number of shots, 13 and 14, respectively. In the second half though the Maroons had 16 shots and the Hornets only took six. The decline in offensive action from Shenandoah in the second half lost them the game.

Feeney lead the team in scoring with four goals, two assists, and another nine shots. Zelnick was close behind with three goals, and one assist. Victoria Smith spent the first thirty minutes in the net for the Maroons, during that time she allowed four goals but had seven saves. Emma Blair was the goalkeeper for the second half, allowing only one goal with four saves.

On Wednesday night, the Maroons blew out Guilford College 19-9. Feeney notched an impressive five goals in this match. Mckenna Polak was right behind her with four goals.

The Maroons are now 6-7, 4-2 in ODAC. They’re traveling this weekend to play Bridgewater College. Bridgewater has a similar record overall, 6-6, but has only won one of their four ODAC games this semester.