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Spring Fest 2016


Ferris Wheel SFRoanoke College students experienced a fun and unique twist to Friday on the Quad (FOTQ) on April 15 when a carnival came to the back quad.  This FOTQ was called Spring Fest and hosted by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). In addition to the regular table set up and food for FOTQ’s, there were inflatables, live music, an ice cream truck, and even a ferris wheel.

Students, faculty, and families started arriving at 5:30 to line up for the food and festivities. Along with the meal, ice cream being given out by Salem Ice Cream, who parked their ice cream truck in front of Colket to give out scoops of different ice cream flavors to students. The line for the truck was went into the quad up until the truck left at around 6:30 pm.

Inflatables were also set up lining the back quad. Two sports shooting inflatables were available to entertain those of all ages. In addition there was a bounce house, wrecking ball inflatable, and an inflatable laser tag U.F.O. The laser tag inflatable seemed to be a big draw for students as the line stayed backed up to the food tent all night long. For laser tag, students would be let into the inflatable room a few at a time, given laser tag guns and a time limit to play.

“Spring Fest was so much fun! They had a great variety of stuff and it was fun to see everyone come out! [Our] favorite part was the Ferris wheel!” said sophomore Catherine Chestnutt.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Spring Fest was the appearance of a small ferris wheel on back quad. Students enjoyed riding the ferris wheel in the middle of the quad to get a sky view of the RC campus. Once the sun began to set in the sky, the ferris wheel even lit up to keep the fun times going.

Spring Fest also included a climbing rock well set up in front of Trout, and a caricature artist in front of the front Colket steps.

As for food, CAB provided pink and blue cotton candy, freshly popped popcorn, and snow cones. They also gave students “goody cups” that were plastic cups stamped with CABs logo and filled with a pair of sunglasses and candy.

CAB will be hosting Bingo on April 22 as their last main event of the year. Be sure to check out CAB’s Facebook page for more information and updates.