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Cregger Center Opening



Article by Kate Citrone

Photo Courtesy of Roanoke College PR Dept.

The Cregger Center opening on September 2nd was a huge success, complete with the first official lap around the track and the semester’s first Friday on the Quad.  The opening ceremonies began at 4:30pm and steadily filled up with people.  A crowd was gathered for all of the upcoming festivities.  

The event had special guests and speakers, including the Cregger and Kerr families.  The Dean of Student Affairs, Aaron Fetrow, spoke as well, detailing all the amenities the Cregger Center has to offer each and every student. The new Belk Fitness Center is stocked with new equipment and the the indoor track offers an option for runners during all times of the year.

The Cregger Field House facility was full of students and families ready to eat some good food and explore the area.  President Maxey welcomed everyone, posed for photos and also spoke to the audience.  The crowd was energetic and many positive comments could be heard.

“This place is truly amazing, I’m excited to work out here and take advantage of the equipment,” said senior, Avery Kirkendall. Other aspects of the opening was were the mechanical bull, a bouncy house, and live music.  The band was “The Hip Abduction” and they performed a variety of music for the crowd, and even incorporated a saxophone into their songs.

Many local and staff parents brought their children to the event and surrounded the bouncy house, while students and even faculty played frisbee on the green. President Maxey could be seen at almost every table, talking to students, parents, and faculty.

The activities fair took place in the Cregger Field House as well, and showcased the variety of clubs and organizations that are available to RC students.  Every group on campus came with posters and sign up sheets hopefully awaiting a hopeful group of new freshmen and returning students to sign up. Every booth showed a different piece here on of campus that makes up the whole of Roanoke College.

This was an opportunity for students to interact with their professors outside of the classroom as well as play with some of their puppies. The school showcased new promotional gear for this school year such as Hillel ping pong balls, and a variety of new RC merchandise including frisbees and water bottles.

The Cregger Center opening was exciting and full of energy, with all ages of students students of all ages bustling from table to table.  The overall environment was all welcoming, which made it a wonderful beginning to this 2016-2017 school year.


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