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Bra Fire: Students for Equality



Article Written By Hannah Vandegrift

Photo Courtesy of Google

In the 1960’s and ‘70s, there were several feminist protests that involved burning a bra to raise awareness for certain social justice acts. While the actual act of bra burning was never extensive, it became an iconic feminist symbol nationwide and even today.
On Nov. 18, the members of Students for Equality held a “Brafire” on the Sutton Terrace, complete with a bonfire, hot chocolate, and s’mores. The underwear for burning was replaced by paper cut-outs. The catchline for this event was “Burn your Burdens” or “Set Fire to the Stereotypes.” The idea was to write burdens or stereotypes on your paper cut out and then throw it in the bonfire. They had underwear of all types: bras, underwear, boxers, and sports bras, in all patterns and colors.
In the weeks leading up to the event, SFE were also selling shirts with the words “Feminist” and “Brafire 2016” on them. They raised money for an organization that helps middle school students who cannot afford hygiene products. The t-shirts offered were the original maroon “Feminist” T-shirt that many students may recognize from previous years, as well as a new, long-sleeved blue “Feminist” shirt and a shirt made especially for this year’s first “Brafire,” which said “Set Fire to the Stereotypes” around a bonfire.
The night started slow but once the s’mores were opened, dozens of people showed up. The fire was made so well that roasting marshmallows was proven difficult as the fire was too hot to get close enough to toast it evenly. SFE gave out stickers and played music as well, and one girl even brought her ukulele to play. Although the event started at nine, it went well past ten and later into the night because many didn’t want to leave. After all, with endless s’mores and the burning of stereotypes, who wouldn’t want to be there?

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