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Dear Sue



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Dear Sue,

I am a freshman here at Roanoke College and I am very worried about the exam week coming up. I have tried my hardest to stay on top of all my work and make good grades. I have heard that finals week is a nightmare and it has me worried. Do you have any advice as to how to tackle exam week? Does the school offer any stress relievers to get the students through finals? How long should I study for my classes and how do you motivate yourself to study?


Anxious Anna


Dear Anxious Anna,

There is no reason to be anxious any longer! Since you have kept up with your studies, there is no need to stress about cramming for your finals. Last semester, the school offered free massages, a study-a-thon, therapy puppies and incense therapy. This is a great opportunity for the students to take, and did I mention it was free! Roanoke College is very helpful when it comes to offering its’ students some stress relief.

When it comes to studying for final exams, I like to space out my studying into small sessions. Instead of studying for ten hours straight, every thirty minutes to an hour, get up and take a break. I also like to use food as a motivator. For every paragraph I read, maybe eat some skittles, or opt for a healthier choice, like almonds! Flashcards and Quizlet are study techniques that I use often. You can make them throughout the year and use them to study for a cumulative final exam. I hope this helped, and best of luck on your exams!