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Women Fall to Ferrum College



Article Written By Sarah Joseph

Photo Courtesy of Maroon Athletics

The ref threw the ball and two players jumped, tipping off the game and tipping off the season. Last Tuesday, Nov. 15, was the first game of the 2016 Women’s Basketball Season against Ferrum College. Ferrum took home a win with an end score of 84 to 73. However, despite the loss, the team still had a pretty impressive starting game.

The game broke early and quickly, with Roanoke scoring first, the team went on a 10-0 point run, turning a 30-22 deficit to a 32-30 lead. Going into the second half, the Maroons were leading, with freshman, Allison Livengood pushing the lead to 36-32 with an advanced Euro step that ensured a basket. Senior, Bridget Holleran led the team with 22 points, with teammate Cary Beahm right behind her with 21 points. Even the bench came in to score big with freshmen Chris Martin, scoring 13 points. Four players fouled out, three of them starters, allowing Ferrum to gain 31 out of 42 attempts at the foul line. These fouls sparked a fire in Ferrum, building a 10 point lead in the third quarter. However, the Maroons fought back, with Beahm’s jump shot and freshman Molly Hassell sinking a three-pointer at the buzzer, they closed the gap to 59-56. Despite the fight found in the Maroons, it was not enough to end with a win..

As it was Livengood’s first game in the collegiate world of athletics, Livengood had some reservations and nerves going into the game. She mentioned, “I did my usual pre-game rituals, and went about it like it was any other game. I tried to not think about how big of a game it was, but it was always there in the back of my mind.”

Her pre-game rituals must have worked as she scored 7 points. Livengood is from Wilkesboro, North Carolina, who has always wanted to play college ball. She goes to say, “As a child it was always a dream to play in college, so I’ve worked hard my entire night.” Sometimes being a freshman can be difficult, especially when transitioning from the high school athletics atmosphere to the collegiate athletic atmosphere. Livengood credited the team to her smooth transition onto the team and into college.

“The team as a whole, from the coaches to the players, just everyone. They are very fun and energetic, but we can still get down to business; be serious when we have to be,” she said. Although the Maroons lost, Livengood gave some words of hope, “You can expect us to work harder and harder in the days to come.”