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Student Spotlight: Luke Aprile


Photo Courtesy of Lydia Bates

Article Written by Lydia Bates


Age: 19, sophomore at Roanoke College

Hometown: East Rockaway, NY

Meet Luke Aprile, a current sophomore at Roanoke College who has

created a product, which enables users to plan and attend social

events within a specific area based on their geo-location, proximity

between users, etc. I had the privilege of speaking with Aprile to

discuss his plans for the future regarding his creations. Below is the


Lydia: What is the name of your creation? Describe it in a few


Aprile: I currently have two creations, so to speak. One of which

is a baseball product that I have predicated a company around;

Sterling Platinum Technologies, which has peaked at a considerable

velocity recently since we went public on the market in both the

United States and Canada after solidifying the intellectual property in

both respective sovereign states this September. The other company

that I am involved with is Pulse Enterprises which has just completed

its development of a mobile application that aggregately identifies

social plans and events within a specific area based on geo-location,

proximity between users, etc. A proprietary algorithm on the back end

enables users to make social plans more efficiently thereby

facilitating getting the individual to the social setting her or she


Lydia: What made you come with the idea for both of these?

Aprile: As for the baseball product, I noticed a certain ostensible

need for the product while playing Division I baseball last year at

Hofstra University, New York. For Pulse (the mobile application), I

noticed how reliant the college-aged demographic (18-24) inevitably

was on the various forms of contemporary social medias: Instagram,

Facebook, Snapchat, etc. in the plan- making process. The need for

innovation was overwhelmingly prevalent.

Lydia: What do you foresee will happen regarding your creation? Will

it be used widely across college campuses?

Aprile: one can only hope. As with anything worthwhile, one

usually incurs much adversity. Right now, Sterling Platinum

Technologies is considerably more sustainable than Pulse simply

because it has a substantial number of sales, an operating revenue,

extensive intellectual property coverage, etc. whereas Pulse has yet

to hit the market. Furthermore, numerous colleges and universities

throughout North America have already ordered and started using

Frost Glove products. As for the app, only time will tell. We are beta

testing right now and are set to go live at Penn State University in

January for the pilot.

Lydia: Is there anything else you would like people to know regarding

your products?

Aprile: I would like to extend gratitude to professor Steve Baker,

as well as the entire business department. He and the entire

department have been absolute assets to my companies from a

consulting perspective. The school is really interested in developing

its entrepreneur-oriented programs. I look forward to working with

Roanoke College in the future, as there are a lot of really intelligent

students who presumably have really great ideas.