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Q&A with Coach Bill Pilat


Article Written by Ray Osterhout


Men’s Lacrosse Coach Bill Pilat speaks about his goals for the season.

Q: Being ranked #1 in the ODAC, does it put any extra pressure on the team?

A: “Being ranked in the ODAC isn’t anything new to us, it doesn’t add more or less pressure really. It’s just saying that we do have a strong team and a good nucleus to build around going forward. It’s our job now to go out and prove that.”

Q: What is the key to recruiting the right player’s year in and year in and year out?

A: Recruiting is critical for
our success; we have to look
all over the country with the players that we get. We work really hard in the summer by attending camps and getting kids to come to our camps to be able to see what they got. Showcases help too, we already have a big, big freshman class coming in next year. We are nished recruiting and have 18 kids coming in from all over

the country, we also have six juniors visiting this weekend. Also with Roanoke being a great academic school it helps our recruiting. The Lacrosse tradition that is here as well helps us in the process, just looking for kids that work
hard on the eld and in the classroom. If they happen to come from winning teams it helps as well. But we want kids that want to compete for a spot on the team, in the starting lineup and with the mindset to win a National Championship.”

Q: What is the ultimate goal for the team this season?

A: “The ultimate goal for the team this season is to have a successful season, we have the same goals every year pretty much. We want to work hard every day in practice, improve as a team and individual players. But most importantly plating together as a team.

We would like to compete
in the ODAC, hopefully win and get selected to the NCAA tournament to hopefully make a run at a national championship.”