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RC Offers Its Own Unique Fall Candle Scents


Article by Shamira James

There are really so many things to love about fall: comfy sweaters, warm cider, pumpkin picking and everything in between, but nothing compares to those sweet fall smells. You can have your typical, boring, Yankee Candle “Crisp Fall Night” or your sickeningly sweet and, frankly, immensely overused pumpkin-inspired scents from Bath and Body Works, but this fall, be a trendsetter. Fill your dorm or your house with the classic scents of Roanoke College:

Alumni Ambience – Nothing soothes the soul more than the pungent smell of chlorine coupled with 1000°F heat. Get warm (very, very warm) and cozy up with this candle, and hopefully, the fumes won’t go to your head.

Monterey at Midnight – Have you ever walked into a room and thought “there’s definitely a haunted spirit here?” Now you can sense spirits from the beyond in every room with this sweet, ectoplasm-esque scent. You’ve been warned.

Nightfall in New Hall – There’s nothing like kettle corn as a late night snack, especially when you burn it and it sets off the fire alarm at 2 a.m. on a school night. Enjoy the glares you’ll get with this sharp, savory scent.

Lovely Laundry Day – It’s hard to beat the aroma of Tide Pods, dryer sheets, and OMG! SOMEONE TOOK MY STUFF OUT OF THE DRYER AND IT’S STILL WET! Ah, don’t you love laundry day?

Farmer’s Harvest in a Frat Basement – It’s finally possible to stay in while still experiencing the essence of a night out. While you snuggle up to binge-watch The Office, savor the fragrance of humid air, Natural Light, body odor and immediately regrettable decisions.

Eau de Unplugged Fridge – Nothing smells quite like home after coming back from winter break, cracking open the fridge and filling your nose with the unique smell of whatever unidentifiable item covered in mold you see.

Parking Lot Potpourri – Trekking back to your dorm from the New Hall parking lot is tiring, but light this candle when you get back to your room and the evergreen, herbal scent will help you relax and make it all better.