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Harry Styles Concert Ruined by Near-Nudity


Written by Emma Grosskopf

There I was, making a very uncharacteristic move watching the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

As I was watching, I was thinking, why are there girls in underpants ruining this Harry Styles concert?

Be that as it may, I never watch the show. Seriously. I feel like I have moral reasons against watching a bunch of skinny girls, in underwear parade around to catchy hit songs.

While watching, I was asking myself a few questions. Why do women watch this? 

Sophomore Alexandra Gautier said that she never watches the shows.“It’s not practical underwear, and I also think that it gives off a very negative body image,” said Gautier. 

Setting aside the fact that I am poor, I would never buy a fishnet catsuit or a garter belt that attached to my thigh-high boots. Putting aside my prejudices against girls (that are skinnier than me) walking around with their bouncy hair (looking prettier than me) in underpants (that I’m too broke to even think about buying), I guess I can see why women might put up with being tortured.

Junior Kiah Coflin said, “I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret. I think that it’s a form of entertainment, you know, with the entertainers performing while the models are walking. You get to see the wings that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to create, the boots that were hand painted. I think it’s art.”

Looking objectively, I guess it is art. The detailed embroidery on some of the pieces, along with the makeup and the accessories, the whole thing really is just art. I mean, it’s art that makes me want to stop eating tendies and fries and spend all of my time in the gym, but art nonetheless.

I really do believe that it boils down to one key point that is always easy for us to forget: These girls, some of them even younger than us, get paid to work out constantly, go on extreme diets and maintain their impossibly svelte physiques. We are not lingerie models, and most of us will never walk in a fashion show, but we are still going to get somewhere. It just won’t be the end of a runway, and that’s okay.