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Hardworking Athletes See Lack of Support from Fans


Written by Garrett Ruggieri

After rescheduling due to inclement weather, Thursday, January 25th the Roanoke College men’s basketball team was set to take on last year’s reigning ODAC champions, Guilford College. The Quakers came into the Cregger Center at 7:00 pm for tip-off, with an unexpectedly large crowd in the arena. That’s right, the stands were full, people were cheering on the Maroons and stomping the bleachers toward the Quakers. This night happened to be Roanoke’s traditional, teams supporting team’s night. It is a way to get athletes of other sports to come out and support their basketball team; the same program is executed for fall and spring sports as well. This was the biggest crowd we have seen in quite some time, and it should become a regular event. Not just that athletes should come out and support other athletes, but all Maroons should come out and support fellow classmates and friends during their games. Games are as much fun to play as they to watch, especially when players on the court or field can see the stands filled up and hear the claps and cheers; it allows them to perform with pride.

While general attendance is low at all Roanoke sporting events, the lack of support is very evident in the difference of attendance between men’s and women’s games. Our Lady Maroons’ need the same type of type of support as the men have from you, the fans. During home basketball tournaments, the turn out for the men significantly outweighs the women’s. Sometimes fans will begin to leave just as the women make their way on to the court to warm up, which is unfortunate for our female athletes. After they go into the locker room for their final meeting before coming out to announce the starters, it must be disheartening to walk out and see the number of fans diminish. Not enough noise, excitement, and pride can be generated without our students to support all the hard work our Lady Maroons put in to get the job done in between the whistles. Come out and support all teams and sports, no matter who’s playing. Roanoke will be everyone’s alma mater one day, and our female athletes deserve just as much of an enthusiastic crowd as the men, but all teams need our attendance and support to increase. All students, come out, wear maroon and white, and take pride in being a Maroon.


  1. Hi this is LB MCKINSTRY I have always been a supporter of the women basketball games and it has always been a concern for me and I’ve been praying that everyone will support the women’s as well as the guys I noticed this even when we was in the Bass gym I’ve always came out to support the women basketball team me and my granddaughter. But sent I been off work October 24th from a. Ruptured Achilles heel I haven’t been in much support but I will continue to pray that God would speak to the heart of the community and everybody will come together and support our women basketball lacrosse softball team just as they support the men basketball baseball. And other sport men are involving in we as members of the community we should support the whole body of roanoke College they are well deserving the support from all Sports this too will change because I believe in the power of Prayer

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