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The New Paramount Network Is Made For Female 20-Somethings


Written by Harrison Mines

This past week, network programming waved goodbye to Spike TV and officially welcomed the re-branded Paramount Network. The new network shows exciting promise; hinting at something a little more eclectic, inclusive, and female.

The original Spike TV brand was characteristically masculine, claiming to be the first ever “network for men”. Recent social dialogue bred some disdain for Spike’s one-dimensional brand. Viacom most likely recognized their initial appeal was not only growing stale, but becoming less lucrative. As the Paramount Network’s marketing campaign is now well underway, a surprising target audience has risen: the female twenty-something.

Paramount Network’s biggest premiere this spring is an adaption of Heathers, where this time, anyone can be popular. The Heathers of 2018 create a world of satirical social dialogue, permitting the LGBTQ, the teens of color and the plus-size to have the upper-hand. The dark comedy is meant to tackle issues that are very much at the hands of young women.

The second upcoming original series, American Woman, is inspired by the early life of Beverly Hills Housewife Kyle Richards. Richards has spoken about crafting character Bonnie Nolan, inspired by her mother, intending to depict her strength, including her rough patches. Its heart mixed with fanciful 1970’s quirkiness makes American Woman a dramedy suited comfortably for young women.

The new network did well to hop aboard the true crime trend and produce its own dramatic miniseries Waco, chronicling the federal stand-off between ATF officers and cult leader David Koresh. With stunning production quality, Waco gracefully explores a riveting piece of American history.

Young women today are not static in their interests and are more passionate and readily informed than ever. A conglomeration of true crime drama, heartfelt sitcom and irreverent anthology all on one Paramount Network may be a start to capturing the female twenty-something’s attention.