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RC Student Musicians Star at Homebrew in Cavern


Written by Jessica Shelburne

“There is something special about creating your own music and seeing how people react to it,” said senior David Hall of his musical performance on Feb. 1 in the Cavern. Many came and enjoyed a relaxing evening listening to both original and cover songs performed by Ballerina – an indie rock band led solely by Hall, who was accompanied last Thursday by Joe Krzyston and Bailey Mann.

The three musicians each brought their own unique talent to the stage. As Hall sang and played both guitar and drums, Krzyston sang and played guitar and Mann remained on bass. The trio filled the bottom floor of the Colket Center with an inviting rhythm and chill vibes.

Although Hall and Krzyston have casually played music together previously and Mann is involved in a separate band of his own, this was the first time that the three musicians have performed altogether.

“We didn’t practice or anything before, and we just totally messed around and had fun. That was what was so nice about it, it was just pure fun. No ulterior motive, no attempt at impressing somebody – just fun,” Krzyston said of the event in Cavern.

Hall described the experience as cathartic, saying, “it’s special to do a thing you love with people you love.”

During Hall’s solo performance, he played guitar riffs that he wrote in high school as well as songs he has just recently completed, using loop pedals to build layers and texture throughout his music. Several of Krzyston’s originals were those that he’d previously played in Richmond. Mann’s separate band is called Lost in Space Camp and most frequently plays math rock music – a genre of music that can be defined as fast, weird, and loud as hell. Regarding the personnel of the musicians, their distinct individuality enhances both the music and their connection on a psychological level.

Aside from the music last Thursday night in Cavern, there was a constant stream of an anime television show rolling in the background. Rather than standing as an artistic statement, the purpose of this was to create a diversion of attention, an aesthetically pleasing visual, and an added element of entertainment.

As a senior, Hall heavily anticipates remaining involved in music in the approaching years and says he would love to be able to perform a second time with Krzyston and Mann. “I’m a Boy” is an original song by Hall that can be found on Spotify and Bandcamp, another independent music platform.