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Baseball Throws Opening Pitch With WRKE Jeopardy


Written by Shamira James

RC sports are synonymous with many things: athletes, fun, fans and competition, but more recently, sports teams are known for their innovative and fun ways to get people excited for their upcoming seasons. Similar to what RC men’s basketball did in the fall, RC baseball partnered with WRKE radio and hosted their own version of Jeopardy in Cavern this past Tuesday night at 8 p.m.

In classic Jeopardy fashion, junior Jack Howard, senior Diego Meneses, junior Nick Raulin, senior Dean Hermanson and junior Cameron Eck were the hopeful individuals sent up to see who could answer the most correct questions and win big. Junior Elijah Wilhelm, WRKE’s program director, hosted the event. After he set the rules, introduced the players and gave everyone a warm welcome through the airwaves, the night began.

While the idea of sports players playing game-show games for popularity is lost on some people, it proves to be very effective. Not only was there high attendance (close to 60 people all cheering along and having a good time), but Eck, returning pitcher said, “It’s a good way to get some excitement for the season. We normally don’t do a whole lot before the season, so if you’re not on the in, it’s hard to be aware of everything”.

The four men fought the good fight and tried to win it all in final jeopardy with totals at $0, $16, $18, $18 and $20 but, unfortunately, their luck got the better of them and they lost everything.

In addition to the added buzz from this event, a lot of people are looking forward to seeing this team come off such an impeccable run from last season where they were third in the nation for Division III baseball.

“I’m looking forward to getting back out there and showing everyone that our run last year wasn’t a fluke, and there are going to be so many more good things to come,” said Eck.

On Feb. 11, the men will be travelling to Tennessee to face the Maryville College Scots and then they’ll return home to face the Rutgars-Newark Scarlet Raiders on Feb. 16.