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Happy Valentine’s Day From the Field: Jillian and Marshall


Written by Aeryn McMurtry

Junior Jillian Barnard and senior Marshall Hodge make up one of RC’s most friendly and sporty couples. They met two and a half years ago during soccer preseason before regular move-in their first year at the college and have been together ever since. Barnard and Hodge both play soccer for the Maroons, and though they specialize in different positions, watching each other play has made them both think outside the box and try new things on the field. “One of the most important parts about playing a sport is constantly trying to improve yourself, even during the off-season, and Jillian keeps me motivated to be better,” Hodge said.

Aside from soccer and classes, Barnard and Hodge are both RA’s on campus, meaning they have consistently busy schedules. “We aren’t always interacting, but knowing that that person is there and we’re accomplishing whatever task we need to gives me a sense of security,” Barnard says. During the offseason in spring, Barnard and Hodge get an extra hour of downtime and enjoy spending it together watching Netflix, grabbing coffee, and doing activities around campus. “When we aren’t being lazy, we like to do typical Roanoke College things like go to Mill Mountain and check out different events on campus like basketball games and the Amanda Knox speech,” says Hodge.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples on campus and a special Happy Valentine’s to Jillian and Marshall!