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“Black Panther” Makes Its Mark In Theaters


Written by Alexandra Gautier

Movie goers everywhere were collectively holding their breath in anticipation of the arrival of “Black Panther.” The film not only brought in hordes of dedicated Marvel fans, but also, according to the Hollywood Reporter, a greater percentage of the African-American and female communities, who were represented by the actors and actresses who played the strong, complex characters known and loved from the original cartoon comics.

Chadwick Boseman plays the main character, King T’Challa, who must protect his technologically advanced country of Wakanda from Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). T’Challa goes by the superhero alter ego Black Panther, and uses suits and weapons made of the mineral substance Vibranium.

Audiences and critics heralded this film as a turning point for the superhero film industry as it is one of the first of its kind: a “black superhero film”, according to Huffington Post.

“I think the plot is really relevant to everything that’s going on in our country right now. This movie really drives home the point to help others, even if they don’t personally mean anything to you, even if they’re not ‘your people’. Not everyone is given the same opportunities, so we should think about that, and reach out to those who we can help,” junior Mckenna Fernandini said.