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RC Alumnus Daniel Ayers to Return in Style


Written by David Hall

Recent Roanoke College alumnus Daniel Osborne, also known by his stage name as Daniel Ayers, spent four years making a name for himself as an active campus musician and folk singer. Come March 13, he will return with a show in Roanoke’s Olin Theater.

The show, organized by Joe Boucher, director of student activities, is a part of the college’s Homebrew series, and it will be recorded for a later release.

Despite Osborne’s former appearances in multiple spaces across campus from Alumni Gym to the chaplain’s porch, he has never performed his unique blend of country and folk in Olin Theater.

“I reckon it is like the Carnegie Hall of campus. If cavern is the Gaslight, then Olin’s gotta be Carnegie Hall,” said Osborne.

Since graduating with high honors this past spring, Osborne has made his living as a school teacher in North Carolina.

He said he looks forward to seeing his once fellow students again.

“I’ll play a bunch of originals, probably make a bunch of people laugh and make a few more angry and/or offended,” said Osborne. “Might even make a few folks cry, though I don’t wanna count my eggs before they hatch. Mostly, I’ll bring news of the world beyond college. I’m sure that’ll pack the auditorium if nothing else does.”

The concert will start at 7 p.m., with a reception afterwards. Tickets are free.