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Spring Cleaning: Fresh Looks for the New Season


Written by Jessica Shelburne

Since the beginning of time, clothing trends have evolved faster than any technology or social mindset. What’s considered ‘in’ one year could become quickly outdated in a matter of months. Regarding the approaching spring of 2018, citizens of the fashion world can expect to see a resurfacing of late 90’s trends as well as an eye-catching collection of colors.

For women, saturated is the new black. Bold blues and vivid violets took the New York Fashion Week by storm in everything from dresses and anoraks to pantsuits and an Americana line. To balance out these intense pigments, pastels are also being frequently exhibited, yet more so in casual attire.

For instance, a loosely fitting pocket tee tucked into distressed jeans is a fresh look that will be appropriately trendy for the upcoming season. Both saturated and pastel colors compliment nearly all skin complexions, which makes them a reliable option for everyone.

For men, denim has made an established statement. While denim jeans of any shade are an endlessly modish choice, other clothing articles such as jackets, button-down shirts, and hats have joined the scene with an equally attractive style. Denim provides one with a comfort and urbanity that is seldom found in other materials of apparel. Fitting for layering in winter, and lightweight exposure in summer, denim can be stylishly worn year-round.

For both men and women, fashion drifts from the late 90’s have been making a reappearance for the last five years. High-waisted pants matched with wide belts and color-block windbreakers accompanied by cuffed jeans are trends that are just as tasteful today as they were 20 years ago.

From colors varying in all shades and intensities to an assortment of denim articles, these predicted fashion movements are just a preview to all of the chic apparel trends the world will see in a matter of weeks.