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Student Mistakes RC Light for Cheap Beer


Written by Joseph Krzyston

This week, a Roanoke College senior was mildly flummoxed to find definitively that RC Light, the weekly college chapel service that he’d heard of for years, was not a light beer named after the school.

“I was at Quickway, buying some malt liquor on my dad’s credit card, and I asked the clerk if they had any RC Light in stock. I’d been hearing about it for a while, and I figured, you know, it’s my senior year, I oughta see if I can track down a can of it,” he said.

That’s when another student, one heavily involved in campus faith-life, came to the young man’s aid.

“I was standing behind him in line, buying wine for my Episcopalian friend, when I heard him ask about RC Light,” she said. “I was happy to set him straight and extend an invitation to our service.”

The young man was initially confused, but eventually responded with a laugh and shrugged shoulders.

“Man, I actually had no idea there was a church here. I don’t think I’ll take her up on her offer anytime soon, but in twenty-five or thirty years when I become acutely aware of my mortality, upon which the shadows of my insufficiencies and failures will surely dance, I might check it out. ‘Till then, I’ll stick with the malt liquor.”